Articles on abortion ethics statistics

CNN One of the largest studies about women's emotions after an abortion finds most feel relieved and don't regret their choice, even if they struggled beforehand or worried about stigma. More Videos Abortion laws around the globe Republicans ramp up efforts to restrict abortion in The women who said they struggled with the decision or felt stigmatized by it were more likely to report feeling guilt, anger or sadness immediately after the abortion, but over time, these feelings declined dramatically, sometimes even one year after the abortion.

Read More. The top emotion all the groups of women in the study said they felt at the end of the survey was relief. Relief was an emotion used to describe how they felt each time they were asked about it. Researchers came to this conclusion after surveying nearly 1, women, and following up with them 11 times over a period of five years.

They surveyed women who lived in 21 states a week after they had an abortion and then again every six months thereafter. Over the past couple decades, researchers say, there has been an assumption that women will regret having an abortion. Abortion Fast Facts. An increasing number of states require counseling and waiting periods before a woman can have an abortion. Literature that some states require counselors to give a woman before having an abortion mention "regret" and lasting emotional harm.

The idea has even shaped federal law. Carhartthat upheld the restriction on women's right to certain abortion procedures, "it seems unexceptionable to conclude some women come to regret their choice to abort the infant life they once created and sustained. Researchers say the results of this study proves this notion is a myth.

This study builds on previous research that suggests that abortion does not contribute to feelings of regret in most women. Earlier research that looked at women's feelings over three years after an abortion has shown that women experience decreasing emotional intensity over time, and that the overwhelming majority feel the decision was the right one.

Get CNN Health's weekly newsletter. The one thing Rocca said she found surprising about the results of her study was that regardless of how the woman felt before the abortion, what remained after five years, even after many of the other feelings subsided, the women felt relief.PIP: Nurses have opinions about abortion, but because they are health professionals and their opinions are sought as such, they are obligated to understand why they hold certain views.

Nurses need to be clear about why they believe as they do, and they must arrive at a point of view in a rational and logical manner.

To assist nurses in this task, the ethical issues surrounding abortion are enumerated and clarified.

articles on abortion ethics statistics

To do this, some of the philosophic and historic approaches to abortion and how a position can be logically argued are examined. At the outset some emotion-laden terms are defined. Abortion is defined as the expulsion of a fetus from the uterus before 28 weeks' gestation, the arbitrarily established time of viability. This discussion is concerned only with induced abortion. Since the beginning of recorded history women have chosen to have abortions.

Early Jews and Christians forbade abortion on practical and religious grounds. A human life was viewed as valuable, and there was also the practical consideration of the addition of another person to the population, i. These kinds of pragmatic reasons favoring or opposing abortion have little to do with the Western concept of abortion in genaeral and what is going on in the U. Discussion of the ethics of abortion must rest on 1 or more of several foundations: whether or not the fetus is a human being; the rights of the pregnant woman as opposed to those of the fetus, and circumstances of horror and hardship that might surround a pregnancy.

Viability is relative. Because viability is not a specific descriptive entity, value judgments become part of the determination, both of viability and the actions that might be taken based on that determination.

The fetus does not become a full human being at viability. That occurs only at conception or birth, depending on one's view of ensoulment. The fetus is owed some moral obligations because of its greatly increased potentiality.

After a certain point it deserves legal and moral protection. A woman would have the right to be relieved of carrying the fetus, but she would not have the right to the death of the fetus.

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A significant moral difference exists in these 2 concepts, and it is this issue that forms the basis of the debate concerning the conflict between maternal and fetal rights. When the rights of the fetus and those of the pregnant woman come into direct conflict the rights of the fetus are always subordinated to those of the women. The 3rd ethical foundation of the abortion debate, that of circumstances of horror and hardship surrounding the pregnancy, is really a combination of the first two.

A fetus that is known to suffer from disease or deformity has as many or as few rights vis-a-vis the pregnant woman as does a perfectly healthy fetus.Francie Diep is a staff writer at Pacific Standard. In the following viewpoint, Diep argues that parental involvement laws for minors seeking abortions can be detrimental to young women's physical and mental health. Discussing a study of minors who sought a judge's approval, a process commonly referred to as judicial bypass, in lieu of obtaining parental consent, the author reveals wide variation among experiences with the process.

Diep notes that judicial bypass frequently delays a minor's abortion by several weeks. Citing the experiences of study participants, the author characterizes securing judicial bypass as a humiliating experience and provides several examples of a judge or a minor's guardian ad litem demonstrating anti-abortion bias.

Despite these negative experiences, the author maintains, many of the minors subjected to parental involvement laws support such restrictions on minors seeking abortions.

articles on abortion ethics statistics

Teresa S. Collett is a professor of law at the University of St. Thomas School of Law in Minneapolis. In the following viewpoint, Collett contends that parental consent laws are constitutional and in the best interest of girls seeking abortion. Citing the likelihood that adult men are most often the fathers of school-age pregnancies, parental involvement ensures that cases of coercion and statutory rape do not go unreported.

Additionally, parents are in the best position to provide health information and care for their daughters during a time of acute vulnerability and need. In the following viewpoint, Richardson argues that abortion providers in New Mexico, Louisiana, and Texas frequently terminate pregnancies during the third trimester twenty-eight to forty weeks and employ methods that cause the fetus undue harm.

Defending comments made by Donald Trump during the presidential debates, the author disputes assertions made by reproductive rights groups and media outlets that late-term abortions are performed only in special circumstances and that the procedure referred to as partial-birth abortion is not considered legitimate among US medical experts. The author commends the efforts of anti-abortion activists and organizations like the Center for Medical Progress, which made covert recordings of abortion providers, for drawing attention to medical practices employed at reproductive health clinics.

In the following viewpoint, Grossman argues that restrictions on abortion access contribute to women delaying abortions. He argues that women already encounter significant obstacles to obtaining the procedure without additional regulations. He contends that several restrictions prevent patients from choosing medical abortions, which are significantly less invasive than surgical abortions and could be administered by more health care providers than specific state laws allow.

Diep, Francie.

Still an Undecided Voter? Consider Abortion Numbers

Collett, Teresa S. Richardson, Bradford. Originally published as "Recordings back Trump assertions on late-term abortions," Washington Times20 June Grossman, Daniel.This is a low number compared to the election, but considering how clearly and diametrically opposed the two candidates are on practically every issue, one still wonders what might be going on in the minds of the undecided.

In any case, I have a suggestion for these wavering fence-sitters. Numbers have always played an important role in American politics. The 58, U. The 3, people killed in the September 11 terrorist attacks eventually led to the unpopular Iraq War, which caused George W. How that figure will affect the presidential election remains to be seen. And that is the number of abortions performed every year in this country and throughout the world.

Abortion is the most divisive, controversial, and emotionally charged issue under the sun. But one effective way to deal with it is to just stick strictly to the numbers — the cold, bare, hard numbers.

articles on abortion ethics statistics

According to the Guttmacher Institute — a research and policy organization committed to advancing abortion rights in the United States and globally — the number of U. Between andthere have been 61, total abortions in the United States. Yes, over sixty-one million. It also dwarfs all subcategory statistics for causes of death. Bear in mind these statistics only represent the number of surgical and medical abortions.

They do not take into account the fact that many contraceptive measures are actually abortifacients — drugs that induce abortions. Worldwide, the numbers are even more staggering.

And yet, how can they be ignored? Consider the irony. And yet the number of babies aborted in the United States each year would fill 13 of those football stadiums!

Which leads me back to my initial suggestion. Undecided voters in this election should take a long, hard look at the numbers. In the United States today, we need a president who knows the difference between serving the public and killing the public by abortion. And no president has had a more compelling commitment to the pro-life cause than Donald J.

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Abortion ethics

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The majority of women feel relief, not regret, after an abortion, study says

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Statistics in Medicine Aims and Scope Statistics in Medicine aims to influence practice in medicine and its associated sciences through the publication of papers on statistical and other quantitative methods such as medical statistics, biostatistics, clinical trials and epidemiology.

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